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Anyone wanting more features on their Vonage telephone, should visit www.vonage.com. This site offers several additions to standard Vonage service. A fax line can be added that has its own fax number. Faxes can be sent on any fax machine. This plan allows  250 minutes for outgoing faxes and unlimited incoming faxes.

A secondary number is a feature that might appeal to people who receive a lot of long distance calls from a  certain area. Anyone calling the secondary number that lives in the area code of the secondary number will not incur long distance charges even though the call goes through to the primary number. In other words a primary number in Orlando FL, can set up a secondary number in Columbus OH. Incoming calls to the secondary number that has the Columbus area code would be toll free even though the call is going to the primary number in Orlando.

Add a line is a feature for those that have several users using the same phone. Add a line allows customers to add as many lines as they want. Each line has its own phone number and service plan. All the lines can be managed with the Vonage Online Account. These and other features can be found at vonage.com. It should be noted that Vonage, unlike land lines, will not operate during a power outage.


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