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The website www.cnn.com is quite possibly the greatest source for news on the internet today. It covers worldwide news, it features a section on news in the United States, and it has sections devoted to many of the worlds main continents and geographical regions. This website also has sections that cover different areas of life, such as: business, world sport, entertainment, technology, and travel. It is one of the most up to date, relevant websites on the internet, and it covers an incredibly wide range of topics.

Upon first arriving at the homepage of CNNs website, it is plainly seen that everything on the site can be easily accessed. The top stories, not of the day, but of the minute, are featured with a large headline and picture right in the center of the page. A few of the other top stories have smaller pictures and headlines at the beginning of the main page, and there is a list of headlines of even more top stories running down the side. By scrolling further down the main page, there are more lists of top news headlines, but these are broken down categorically for easier use.

Cnn.com is broken down into an easy to access format. Across the top of the homepage are where the different general locations for stories are located. By clicking on one of these headers, the user will be brought to a page filled with content solely about that region, with several large pictures and headlines of up to the minute relevant news. With this impressive set-up, users can rest assured that they will be able to locate the most important issues happening across the world, and also in their very own state.


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