www.Xanga.com has quotes about love happiness and heartbreak

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xanga.com is a community of bloggers that come together to write about their passions and things that they have knowledge about. The site is free and welcomes anyone to come a create a blog about anything. Xanga allows you to create a blog without having any web building experience. Once you enter your information into the correct template then your blog is created.

The site is quite user friendly allowing you to navigate quickly for things such as adjusting your privacy settings and finding answers to frequently asked questions. The xanga staff is always there to help and you can post questions in a forum like area where other people can see your question and possibly provide you with the answer as well. The community aspect is proven when you are allowed to follow other bloggers and leave comments on their blog as long as you are a member of the community.

Xanga allows members to provide a personal touch to their blogs by allowing them to personalize their blogs and profiles and gives the members of the community a personal web address to share with others outside of the community if the blog is made public. Xanga draws attention to popular blogs by posting them on the home page to allow readers to gather more traffic. www.xanga.com has the "home" feeling for bloggers wanting to belong.


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