www.WindStream.net with email login page, search and settings


For those looking for a quick change of pace from the typical editorial web directory, look no further than www.windstream.net. The site is an editorial web directory which features information on everything popular, ranging from current events to games and more.

The site covers all the major news concerning everything from news and TV; to games, music, sports and more. A daily slideshow on the home also displays the hottest current news while a “Trending Now” section directly below shows visitors what everyone on the Internet has been talking about. There is also a section which includes the site’s Facebook fan page updates; a stock market update widget; a “Today In History” section; and a most popular video section as well.

Windstream.net also offers a wide selection of free Internet games for visitors. The games range from puzzle adventures to action games to even a zombie assault or two. Also, a movie listings section shows visitors what some of the hottest flicks in theaters is. A watercooler section also informs visitors about all their favorite celebrity and Hollywood news.

One final aspect of the web site which is enticing for visitors is its search bar. Visitors have the ability to not only search for web content, but also video, images and Ebay’s auction inventory. The site is also easy to navigate.


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