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A visit to unitedairlines.com offers a wealth of information and services beyond your wildest imagination. In addition to the easy-to-use flight booking area, online check-in and flight status data is located here. The Travel Guide tab puts a plethora of valuable time-saving information at your fingertips. This area contains data regarding baggage rules, required travel documents and information for special-needs passengers or pets.

At www.unitedairlines.com, there is a special box containing latest travel advisories for areas such as Bangkok, tips on adverse-weather rescheduling and special travel destination packages. One new offering is premium luggage service allowing 1 to 9 passengers listed on the same membership account to check 2 regulation-size suitcases per person for a one-year no-fee enrollment. Premium Baggage Gift Cards are also available. Another offering in the news area is the chance to earn free miles for a few minutes of survey-taking time.

Travelers are invited to join the Econ-Plus Club featuring extra roomy seats located ahead of the coach area. Passengers occupying these seats deplane first. Cardholders will receive reserve seat service on all flights for one year. This feature alone is well worth the cost especially for business and frequent fliers. In addition to first to board privileges, the Mileage Plus Card membership offers travel lounges and other airport amenities not available to all passengers. Travel insurance and double mileage earnings are another advantage offered with a one year free sign-up.

Located on the right side of the main page is free, user-friendly membership login which immediately opens a personal reservations and flight-gate information area. Members can elect to receive up to the minute information via text, email or phone. The customer service tab offers helpful generalized information including a quick-reference guide to special items such as post luggage services. An easy-to-use '10-FAQ' section covers provides easy access to most popular topics including travel protection information.


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