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Most people know about and have used facebook.com, but how many people know what www.facebook.ie is? When you type that address into your internet, you will come up with the same thing. Facebook has been around for about five years. It is a way to connect with friends and family, some of whom people may not have had contact with for years. Over facebook, one can post updates about his or her life for "friends" to see. Those friends can then comment and share their thoughts and opinions about what the sharer is doing. one can also share pictures and videos, either individually or in albums.

Through facebook.ie, people can also form groups. Those groups could be family groups, high school class groups, wedding groups, and play groups. It's a quick and easy way to get information out about upcoming activities for the members of the group. For example, if there is a group with members of a graduating high school class, comments can be made and information can be shared about a class reunion or other activities the class would like to do together. The class members could also comment and share memories they have from high school back in the day. A great benefit of having the group is that all in the group see any comments posted on the group board, but security can be set so other people not a part of the group will not even know that a group has been formed.

Facebook.ie is also a great way to invite people to events. One can put all the details for an event on a specific page. People can then be invited to the event and see all the details worked out about the event, getting any questions they may have answered by posting on the page. Facebook provides reminders about events users have been invited to. Facebook is the ideal way to connect with both old and new friends.


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