www.IrishRail.ie with timetables, maps, routes and network infos online


The modern world is always on the go. Individuals, daily take journeys every day across the globe or just to the neighboring town. No matter what type of transportation an individual chooses to use to travel the ability to quickly and easily find out information or to be able to make travel appointments is now a travel essential. For individuals who decide to travel by rail the ability to schedule and update itineraries quickly is essential. The internet is now being used by smart travelers to handle these tasks. In response to this many travel and train companies offer websites to handle these services. One of the leading rail companies in the world is Irish rail. The company now offers to its customers an online website for their travel planning and other needs convenience. The website located at www.irishrail.ie offers many quick and easy applications and services to its traveling customers. This article will give a brief overview of what an individual can expect to find at irishrail.ie

The website found at irishrail.ie contains as its most prominent feature, a travel planner. This travel planner allows individuals to make appointments for travel on the Irish rail line trains. Individuals can select from a wide variety of options to help narrow down their travel choices. Individuals who do intend on using Irish rail can form the website pay and print out their travel accommodations’. The website offers a wide variety of payment options to choose from. Individuals can also use various discounts in order to save money.

The website offers its users the ability to check on any train currently in use. This ability is located on the front of the homepage. Individuals can also use an online form to contact Irish rail directly in case there is need to do so. The website offers individuals the opportunity to stay informed of all the newest rail related news stories. Finally the website offers a visually impaired version of the site for those individuals who need such services.


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