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www.tv3.ie is the web address for the television station, tv3, in Ireland. On this website, videos and synopses of news, sports, weather and food are easy to access. Current news coverage can be viewed online in the news tab. Under the Ireland AM tab, there are links to features in the categories of wardrobe, house & home, travel, interviews, movies, book club, health, beauty, fashion, specials, food & drink, and animal news with Pete the vet. The tab for the show Xposé covers celebrity news with occasional beauty and fashion features.

On tv3.ie, viewers can catch up on full episodes of the shows that they have missed. There is an A-Z listing for shows on the network that includes links to pages for each show, and even includes on-line only shows such as Bedtime Stories. Viewers also have options for video on demand with 3player, although some video can only be viewed in the Republic of Ireland. There is a tv guide feature that shows what is on each channel and a tv3 live option that allows viewers to see certain shows live online.

Viewers can register for updates from tv3, customized to their interest. There is also a link to tv3's sister channel 3e, which leads to a similar site for that network. Finally there is a selection of services available on the tv3.ie site. The first is a Fashion tab, where a selection of clothing and accessories can be purchased. Under the Property tab available real estate can be viewed, and sales people contacted. Travel can be planned from the Travel tab. The Dating tab takes the user to a dating site called Maybefriends.com. Lastly, there is a link to Movieclub, a dvd and video game by mail club that charges flat monthly fees for discs by mail.


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