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UNIVERSITY COLLEGE DUBLIN (ucd.ie) is a European research university established in 1854. It offers the following degrees: undergraduate, postgraduate masters and PhD. UCD is the largest and most popular university in Ireland with approximately 25,000 students. A third of the students are postgraduate students with 2,000 PhD students. More than half of UCD students go on to postgraduate studies. It is the home to over 5,000 international students. UCD prepares students for future international employment.

UCD has a global reputation for being a leader in research funding and meeting global challenges. The university is ranked in the top 1% of global institutions. The university is located on a beautiful campus near Dublin’s city centre. It was originally called the Catholic University of Ireland. Thereafter, it became the Royal University. In 1908, it became UCD in conjunction with the National University of Ireland (NUI). Starting in 1997, UCD students were awarded degrees of the National University of Ireland. It has very well known graduates, including, but not limited to, authors, actors, directors and sports figures.

UCD continues to inspire philosophy in today's students from its founder, John Henry Newman. All students are encouraged to become active sports clubs, societies, and to perform volunteer activities. UCD offers a variety of undergraduate programmes, including, but not limited to, all sciences, business, engineering, education, medicine and law. It is the only Ireland university to offer programmes such as veterinary medicine, food science and safety, and agriculture. All UCD graduates are intellectuals with cultural and global literacy.

The University College Dublin website www.ucd.ie has more detailed information about the history of the university and everything that is offered to prospective students worldwide. It is a very informative website about the campus, staff, curriculum and research programs at The University College Dublin.


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