www.Delta.com shows the airlines flight status and skymiles program

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Thanks to the merger with Northwest/KLM airlines, Delta airlines is the largest commercial flight provider in the United States. The official website, www.delta.com, offers reservations, itinerary checks, online check-in, and frequent flyer account management. Additionally, Delta.com will provide any major travel warnings for their customers on the home page when they occur. Reservations include round trip and one-way travel, as well as filtering for refundable air fare. There is also a feature for customers to choose flexible travel availability and Delta will show the lowest fares for the days before and after the selected travel dates.

Itinerary checks and online check-in require the confirmation number and flyer's name, a frequent flyer number, credit card number used to make the reservation, or the ticket number. Passengers can use online check-in up to 24 hours prior to travel, and pay any baggage fees online. Non-passengers can check the status of any Delta flight by both flight number and by the point of origin and destination cities. Delta.com provides services for Skymiles members, the frequent flyer club of both merged airlines. Skymiles members can use miles, see alternative ways to earn miles with partners, and even buy or transfer miles using the Delta site. There is no need to call and speak with a representative. When redeeming Skymiles, the website offers a flexible travel feature showing the redemption levels for the entire month by color code.

If Delta.com cannot answer a passenger's question, customer service phone numbers are listed under Contact Us. Passengers should choose the appropriate customer service line, such as international travel. Most of the airline's policies and procedures are found on the site. A simple internal search gives information on issues like traveling with pets.


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