www.KBC.ie with careers, contact number and plc subsidiary Dublin and Cork

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WWW.KBC.IE is a website for a personal and corporate bank situated in Ireland. They primarily offer different assorted banking services, as well as different offers and solutions for their clients and customers. The website has very clearly defined and organized sections for their various offers, and an easily navigated tabbed selection to allow the viewer to see their information, and browse their own accounts.

They offer extensive information on their mortgage offers, as well as information on their rates, information on remortgaging, advice for first time buyers, and an informative list for advice regarding the risks of mortgage and money loans. In each sub-section they also included links for frequently asked questions to inform their potential customers.

Being a bank, there are sections on their main page offering the reader their array of deposit and savings accounts, as well as information on their terms and conditions so that they can keep their customers up to date with their offers and their requirements. There are several sections with different kinds of accounts, from demand deposit to fixed rate, and descriptions for each one. Each section includes contact information for both their deposit team and their mortgage team by phone.

Their section on corporate banking gives their information on their varieties of accounts and offerings for businesses. They give information of the different loan options, and the deposit and debt options available to companies. In addition, there are also many links to business websites and business news information to keep the reader informed and easily direct them to more information. There are also tools, such as a loan calculator and an interest rate calculator available to the reader on the website.

Between its information, its tools and calculators, and its many links, this website is an excellent tool for a European business to utilize, and gives excellent information about the KBC bank. Kbc.ie gives excellent resources to the reader in a professionally organized website.


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