www.NIB.ie with credit card info and online banking services

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If you are part of the National Irish Bank, you need to check out the www.NIB.IE website. This is the official National Irish Bank website, giving you access to all your banking information, not to mention additional features and answers to any question you might have regarding your service account.

When you first arrive at the NIB.IE website, you have the option of logging onto your account. This is done by clicking the small "Log On" link on the right side of the screen. Here you must enter in your current log in name and password, then click "Log On" To gain access to your account. From here you can transfer money, pay bills, and perform just about any other task, without ever going to the bank.

On the front page of the website, you are given current exchange rates with other currencies in the world, including the US Dollar, Australian Dollar, British pound, Canadian dollar and several other countries. You also are given download links to the National Irish Bank's mobile phone app and text messaging service.

If you are looking at becoming a customer of the National Irish Bank, you can click either the "Become a persona customer" or "Become a business customer" on the right side of the screen to be directed to the application process. Here you fill out all the required data and submit it to the bank for their review. You are informed in a few days if you are granted access to the bank or not.

When part of the bank and you arrive at the main page, there are several features directly in the middle of the page you may want to check out, including a demo on how to use your online banking account, and how to best select a new account, depending on what your needs our. Once the videos and informational content is done playing, a link towards the specific content appears on the bottom of the screen, allowing you to test out the services.


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