www.o2.ie with iphone 4s prices and update plus login online

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If you use O2 for all your mobile phone needs, chances are you have visited the www.O2.IE website. If not, this is where you can manage your account, add additional minutes to your phone, and even purchase a brand new phone. No matter what kind of service you are looking for, it is possible to perform the feats right on the O2 website.

When you visit the O2.IE website, you are able to log onto your account. Click the "Login" link in the upper right corner of the screen, then type in your current telephone number and password. Click "Login" again and you are directed towards your account information. From here you are able to pay your bill, add additional minutes and change your service plan, depending on your needs. If you decide to change your service plan do note that the change in billing is not going to appear until the following month.

If you are interested in selecting a new phone, there are the latest mobile phone releases displayed directly in the middle of the O2.IE website. If you want to learn more about the particular phones, just scroll through the list and click on one of the images you are interested in. This brings up the basic information regarding the phone and all the most important specifications, including the operating system, the kind of hardware it is able to run, the digital camera built in and what other presets are installed into the device. If you are interested in purchasing the phone you need to click the option again and the buying page appears on the screen.

Here you can select how you want to buy the phone. This includes if you want a billpay feature, where the price of the phone is spread out into multiple billing cycles, so you don't need to pay the lump sum right away, or you can choose the pay the entire bill right away. After selecting the payment method you need to fill out the rest of the information to complete the purchase process.


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