www.Maharashtra.gov.in with marathi search and edu & scholarship info online


Visitors can gain access to a wealth of information, resources and services when they visit www.maharashtra.gov.in , the official web portal operated by the Government of Maharashtra. Maharashtra is the third largest state of India, by both area and population, and the largest contributor to the India gross domestic product. The site provides services to citizens, businesses, tourists, and any person who has a desire to learn more about the Government of Maharashtra. The site is accessible in English and also the official language of Marathi.

Citizens are able to easily locate government services that support health, education, housing, employment and education. Contact information for government officials and government offices is readily available. Access to the latest news can be used by citizens to stay informed of the recent issues facing the state, actions that are currently underway and the opportunities the state is pursuing to increase the value of the services that are provided.

Policy, economic and statistical data is available to companies that want to explore opportunities to conduct business with the state. A gateway to the services available for contractors and suppliers includes access to searchable request for proposal (RFP) and invitation for bid (IFB) databases. New suppliers and contractors are invited to register with the e-Tendering System of the Government of Maharashtra.

Tourists who are would like to visit the state of Maharashtra will find all that is needed to plan a successful trip. Tourism resources that are available include passport and visa assistance, tourist attractions, maps, travel guidelines and cultural experiences. The site maharashtra.gov.in is the official government information resource for all things concerning the state of Maharashtra.


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