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The site www.upsc.gov.in is a central location for all information regarding the Union Public Service Commission. The UPSC was put in place, in part, to give exams and conduct interviews for Civil Service positions for India. Some of the exams that are given by the UPSC are for Police forces, forest service, engineering services, and economic services. Other than giving these exams, the commission is responsible for ensuring that the candidates that take the exam are eligible to do so. Along with this, they are also in charge of reimbursing legal expenses, granting pensions, and taking care of disciplinary cases relating to civil services.

This site has information on all of the different exams that are given, along with all of the other information that you would need to know about the UPSC. If it is of interest, this site also contains a list of questions that were used as previous years test questions. It is a good place to start in getting ready for an exam given by the commission. There is a section within the site that lists all of the people that make up the commission. It also contains information on disciplinary cases. It tells you the do's and don'ts of a disciplinary case along with a list of frequently asked questions.

The site contains information on annual reports from previous years. These reports are also sent to the President of India. It also gives you information on all of the services that are provided and the different work that the commission does. The site gives you details on the National Conference, such as new letters that date back to July 2006. Upsc.gov.in is full of information regarding the works of the Union Public Service Commission.


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