www.VAT.kar.nic.in with e payment notification and e pay online


The vat.kar.nic.in website deals with web based e-Filing of VAT returns and other taxes for businesses operating within the precincts of the Government of Karnakata. With this website, businesses don't have to visit the physical premises of tax offices to submit returns. The services offered in this website include the following.

The website provides facilities for businesses and individuals to submit their VAT and Commercial Sales Tax returns online. The e-PRERANA system allows for electronic registration and payment of professional taxes where professionals and employers are able to register and file their tax returns online. This system also allows users to print a certificate of payment online without visiting the returns offices. The e-SUVEGA system allows for transporters to download the transit pass form. This is a requirement for transporters moving within Karnakata. Besides these two systems vat.kar.nic.in also provides facilities for the filing of CST, KST, KLT, KTEG, KPT and KVAT.

Apart from registration and filing of returns online, www.vat.kar.nic.in also provides documents which can be downloaded for use. These documents include user manuals for the different kinds of tax categories needed which include the CST user manual and the e-SUGAM user manual. Other documents available within the website include registration and application forms as well as forms for filing returns.

The website is easy to use and it provides the advantage of saving time. Users can also find tons of helpful information regarding their taxes and there is a support team available to handle any queries that the user might have. To be able to access the websites services, users need to register with the website where they will receive a unique username and password.

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