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After typing www.ibps.com in the web browser, the computer will pull up the web-site for the Institute of Banking Personnel Selection. Located in India, the institute was set up by the banking industry to assist with recruiting, career assessments, research and development, consulting, job placement and promotions. Objective Type testing is done during recruitment. The institute has been testing employees for over two and a half decades at different levels, ranging from entry-level positions to senior level positions. The testing in addition to other methods of selection makes the Institute able to handle the recruitment for any centre in the country.

The tools used for Assessment Centre Programmes are created by skilled Psychometricians. The Assessment Centre Programmes have been conducted for different clients, with the intention being able to locate gaps in skill levels. The gaps refer to the difference between the clients desired skilled level in comparison to the actual observed skilled level. The Assessment Centre Programmes also identifies the training needs for employees. There are different training methods used based on the client's need. The institute offers a short-term training program such as item writing skills, training for trainers, behavior assessment skills, training on test administration, and induction training for new employees.

The government of India recognizes the institute as a scientific and industrial research organization. The institute is also recognized for Ph.D guides and for providing internships for graduate students. Research and development activities are performed to make any necessary modifications to the recruitment process and assessments, as well as providing advisory services and workshops. The institute has provided consulting for over 15 clients in a variety of sectors such as private corporations, banking, insurance, government agencies, power and steel industries. The institute provides consulting in many areas like internal promotion, manpower planning, organization restructuring, recruitment, competency mapping, job analysis and job profiling. Ibps.in is an informative source for information about the Institution for Banking Personnel Selection.


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