www.Yahoo.co.in has free messenger download & mail login

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One of the leading search providers, Yahoo! also has a website for the India population. At yahoo.co.in you will be able to use all the features that you have come to know and love about Yahoo! from their India website. The news ticker on www.yahoo.co.in features many of the leading stories that are coming out of India, and often times they are leading new stories. Clicking on their leading stories from the Yahoo! India homepage will lead visitors to many of their various sister sites that host news stories, top videos, and news photos.

The Yahoo! India website also allows user access to one of the leading web mail services on the internet. Yahoo mail is accessible from all of Yahoo!'s various websites, including yahoo.co.in. India users are able to link their Yahoo! Mail Accounts to their Facebook, and Yahoo has recently added many new security features that make it more secure to use their web mail over the competitors.

Yahoo! India located at yahoo.co.in is also accessible via the mobile web, and in fact is optimized for such usage. Users who often need information on business, stock prices, or other financial information with benefit incredibly from the mobile access to this website.

Yahoo! India will also provide users with a multitude of local information that is incredibly convenient and useful. Not only does Yahoo! India allow users to input information about their location and get their weather, but they can also customize their My Yahoo page to give them the information whenever they log on. Yahoo! India provides Yahoo user in India the access that we have come to know and love from one of the worlds leading search providers.


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