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Now that you have a cellphone, you are going to want everyone to know that it is yours. To do this, you can personalize not only the sounds of your phone, but it's appearance as well. This is where the Zedge website can help you. Using this website you can keep your cellphone displaying the items that best represent your personality and interests currently.

Ringtones make it possible for cellphone owners to know who is calling before they even look at the incoming phone number on the phone's display. Cellphone owners can assign a different ringtone to each of their friends, or certain songs to groups of friends. These songs can change throughout the year. Some that users can download include holiday themes, as well as fight songs for both college and professional sports teams.

Zedge.com offers wallpapers to decorate the background of a cellphone's screen. This allows the owner of the card to choose a theme to match his current interests. As an example, a sports fan might choose a different sports theme each season. That that are music fans may choose to alternate the background wallpaper on their cellphones on a regular basis to the artist they are listening to the most recently.

Of course all of these are just pieces of a true cell phone decorating plan. The website also sells entire themes that cellphone owners can download onto their phones. Instead of just having a themed wallpaper, a theme changes the icons as well to match the theme that the cellphone owner has selected. These themes might be chosen based on the time of year or interest of the cellphone user.


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