www.Zapak.com has games for girls to dress up & cooking to play free online


Zapak.com gathers the world wide web's best FREE online games, arranges them in an easily navigable layout and makes them readily available to the discerning gamer. With minimal advertising, the website boasts a fine selection of action games, racing games, sports games, cricket games, strategy games, arcade games, kids games, single-player, multi-player games, Disney games, tournament games, games targeted toward females and much more. The player also has the option of downloading an assortment of, sometimes exclusive, games via Zapak Plus while the website supports game submissions and linking of Zapak's games to an individual's personal website.

Via social media-savvy programming, Zapak makes it easy for players to connect with other gamers via outlets like Facebook and Twitter. There is also a link that leads the player to a well-designed blog created to provide another dimension to the gaming experience. On Zapak's blog, there are game and gaming device reviews, tricks of the trade tidbits and gaming-related technology (and otherwise) news.

Linking the intangible gaming world with the "real world" are various contests created by the Zapak team. Players have the option of engaging in online tournaments or trading in loyalty points for exciting, game-related prizes. It is easy to collect loyalty points. One needs to simply register on www.zapak.com, login as much as desired and while the hours away playing stimulating and challenging games. Loyalty points are earned just by playing. After a certain amount of points have been accumulated, the gamer may trade them in for prizes like headphones or XBox games. Players may also enter periodic contests with larger giveaways such as a Philips Home Theater System.


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