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Zee TV, found at www.zeetv.com, offers a variety of different things for fans of the Indian television channel of the same name. This site hosts the latest full episodes of featured shows and videos. A reader may check up on upcoming events, press releases, trivia, and download media like computer wallpapers and mobile phone ringtones. It is the perfect go-to site for fans to follow their favorite shows, catch up on missed episodes, and show their appreciation for their favorite actors and actresses.

Zee TV is a part of India.com's lifestyle network. When a reader first visits the site, they are greeted with the latest preview of an upcoming show. The homepage also contains a poll, news, and the newest downloads for fans of the Zee TV network, and more-there is even a clock displaying the current time in India.

Zee TV is a very well organized site and is also simple to understand. The links at the top of the site take you directly where you want to be. There is a link to watch full episodes of shows, which are categorized as fictional or non-fictional. The next link is for the user to watch videos. Following that are links to a tv-guide like schedule of programs for the Zee TV television network, as well as a link to a schedule of upcoming events. The next is media, which offers fun trivia and gossip, as well as press releases. Finally, there is a link to take you to a page to download great things for fans such as wallpapers and ringtones, and a feedback link so any reader may give their opinion on the site or its content.


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