www.FileHippo.com has vlc & media player free download for pc & mac

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The internet has become a vast collection of knowledge that is waiting to be discovered and viewed by readers who have inquiries on a particular subject or who wants to share want they know. One downloading website on the internet is File Hippo, which delivers open source programs as well as freeware and shareware for Windows.

Unlike other downloading websites on the internet, File Hippo doesn't accept or authorize publication of user uploaded files on their web domain. This is to ensure that all files downloaded within their page are virtually safe and secured for use. Furthermore, the website provides its exclusive software - FileHippo Update Checker - which serves as a complimentary program that verifies the current version installed on the computer and then reports back to the main database of the website for any out of date software programs. The update checker will then send back links wherein you can download the latest versions of their software.

According to Quantcast, a California-based agency offering publishers and online marketers the ability to reach and deliver their best viewers at a colossal scale, www.filehippo.com gains over three million visitors per month just within the United States. With this large statistical value, Alexa, a California-based subsidiary company for Amazon.com, has listed File Hippo as one of the 1000 most visited websites around the world. File Hippo offers their software programs throughout a wide range of industries and fields. For browsers and plugins, the company provides all the latest versions of web browsers and flash player plugins for installation. Firewalls and security, system tuning, file sharing, messaging and chat software programs are also offered for web visitors. File Hippo also provides developer tools, file transfer programs and drivers for your computer. You can also grab iTunes, QuickTime Player, Windows Media Player 11 and Real Alternative software programs from the site, free of charge and free of virus and malware that can cause serious harm to your computer.


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