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Society needs many items and process to be able to run smoothly. One of the most essential items needed in our modern age is the ability to search and find data at a moment’s notice. Modern business and entertainment depend upon such instant access. There are a variety of methods used to find and search for information. One of the most popular ways to find information, no matter what country the individual is located in, is through internet search engines. There are a wide variety of search engines available. One of the leaders in the search engine field is Goolge.co.in. This brief article will discuss what a visitor can expect to find when visiting www.google.co.in

The very first thing any visitor to the website will notice is a centrally located search bar. From this central search bar individuals can search the entirety of the internet for whatever material they desire. The search capabilities from the central bar will result in a broad spectrum of data to the user. Individuals can type in any language they desire to find their information. The site does offer other more refined search features. Individuals can search exclusively for images, video, books and even academic papers. To even further refine an individual’s search they can elect to limit the search criteria to certain time ranges.

New features of the website are social networking functions. Individual’s can choose from either Google+ or the new Orkut social networking site. Both of these programs offer the individuals the opportunity to connect with other internet users from all over the world. Users are capable of searching for individual who they wish to join their social network. Finally the website offers to its users the ability to set up a Gmail email account. The Gmail account can be linked up with the users other email accounts, so as to unite their internet experience. Users are allowed to do this service and all of Google’s services for free.


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