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For information on the state of Jharkhand and its govenmental functions a good place to go is to the officical Jharklan government website located at www.jharkhand.gov.in. On the the jharkhand.gov.in website there is ample information on this region to be found, for anyone who plans to go there, or is doing a research paper on the region. Over at www.jharkhand.gov.in you will find many differents sections that can be explored regarding the state of Jharkhand. Some of these sections that can be found on the official website are as follows:

About The State: Gives information about the state of Jaharkland, such as the population, the number of districts and the number of villages within the state of Jharkland. Key Contacts: Lets an individual go online and be able to contact various areas of the Government departments of Jharkland such as the Civil Aviation Department. Administration: Gives details on the various Government Administrative jobs in Jharkland, such as the Governor of the state. Government Organization: this section goes into detail as to the different projects that the Government of Jaharkland is working on.

Publications: Gives up to date publications that can be downloaded from the various Government departments such as publications from the health and industry departments. Online Services: A section where an individual can go to download different documents from the Jharkland Government, such as death certificates and birth certificates. However the obove sections are just the beginning of the information that can be found at www.jharkhand.gov.in. There are many other sections that can be found at jharkhand.gov.in that are accessible online. Such as an employment section where individuals can apply for work with the government sections in Jharkhand. There is also a citizen's corners, where citizens of Jharkhand can go to find information on filing taxes, Individuals can also receive up to date news about Jaharkland and its government.


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