www.KAR.nic.in has vat epay info and government dept infos


The National Informatics Centre or NIC is an organization working under the auspices of the Indian government. Its activities are fall under the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, specifically, under the Department of Information Technology. The NIC's purpose is to coordinate information on various government departments and activities, increase the use of and efficiency levels of information technology systems, as well as act as a hub linking different chains of information and activities involved in the day-to-day running of the government's activities with the various stakeholders, including state, public and private interests. The NIC has a network of branches countrywide in India, and at varying levels of government, including state capitals and district headquarters.

The branches at state level are referred to as state units. In the state of Karnataka, the NIC branch or state unit (National Informatics Centre-Karnataka State Unit or NIC-KSU) is located in Bangalore. A Memorandum of Understanding between the NIC and state government of Karnataka has enabled the NIC-KSU to start a computerisation drive of the state's departments, public sector interests as well as introduce or reinforce this technology to the private sector within Karnataka where necessary. This has the direct benefit of linking all resources to the NIC-KSU data base and thus enabling the state to make better informed fiscal and strategic planning decisions that affect each of the 27 districts in the state.

The technical requirements for this feat are adequately provided for at NIC-KSU base, with the latest coordination and data storage and management hardware and software being used to coordinate the mass of information inflow and dissemination. High speed satellite links also ensure that information from vastly different sectors like the judiciary, education, agriculture, health, industry and others are quickly amassed and collated for analysis.

Acting as a central portal from which access to the information it has collated can be gained is the website for NIC-KSU, www.kar.nic.in. Using this website, or by simply typing kar.nic.in into a search engine, one can access the NIC-KSU site that is helpfully segmented into different areas of information interest covering a vast spectrum from government departments and sectors to private enterprise and socio-economic activities in the state of Karnataka.


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