www.KanpurUniversity.org has results and admit card back paper


Chhatrapati Shahu Ji Maharaj University offers prospective students, current students, faculty, staff, and the general public virtually any information they would need to know on its website www.kanpuruniversity.org. Attractively designed, kanpuruniversity.org is separated into several sections. Along the top of the home page are ten links. The first leads to a message from the vice chancellor. Next is general information about the university. Next, are links to various authorities, including the chancellor, vice chancellor, and others.

The next link leads to the various departments, including music, education, life sciences, and others. The next link, tender, leads to various pages dealing with finances. The results link can lead students to their course grades plus other information. The facilities link offers information about the various buildings on campus. Application forms may be downloaded from the downloads link. The events & seminar link leads to information about upcoming special events on campus. Finally, there is a link to provide information about the school’s affiliation, including some frequently asked questions.

Along the left hand side of kanpuruniversity.org are several links to provide general information about the university. These include a home link, a link to give some general information and history about the university, and links to the chancellor and the HRD Minister. The Hall of Fame Link shows all of the various awards the university gives to students based on outstanding performance in different fields. A history link gives more detailed information about the history of the university. The management function link explains the function of the executive council. The powers & duties link explains these items in great detail. The mission link not only explains the school’s mission, but also its history in achieving that mission. There also is a very useful link to the school’s academic calendar.

There are also some standard links, including a search function, a phone directory, a contact page, and a feedback page. A picture gallery and a syllabus link are also part of the home page. The site provides virtually all the information anyone would need about the university.


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