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The LBS Centre for Science and Technology, Thiruvananthapuram was created by the Government of Kerala with some wonderful objectives, but mainly so that the Centre would become a link joining industries and technical institutions in benefiting society through their combined interactions. The institute is a top training site for computer knowledge and consulting. When visiting the website, http://www.lbskerala.com/, it is clear that education is a driving force for the Centre as well as everyone involved with administration. The staff is structured with extremely qualified personnel, many holding Doctoral Degrees as well as Post Graduate experience. The Centre also utilizes the expertise of eminent Professors and others from Engineering Colleges, businesses and organizations in a consultant capacity to enhance the knowledge provided by the Centre.

The objectives that the Centre is wanting to promote and communicate for everyone to be aware of are: Publish the research, thesis papers, books or other literature that conveys the message of the Centre and establish as well as maintain libraries of such material. Create an atmosphere for Scientific and Technical education, so that encouragement for scientific investigation and development is upheld. Establish the educational institutions dedicated to the field of Technical and Computer education, including short and long term course study. Using the Centre labs and workshops to facilitate fabrication, testing and analysis of projects. Following standards that are set by ISI for industry and research.

The Centre would be a facility known to store current information for research and consulting. To bring together fellowship studies working on a fundamental research of a project that enhances the Engineering or Scientific field. A link for Technical Institutions, Universities, Industries and Professionals to join expertise and departments in growing and developing the competence on these subjects. Work with all the experts in and associated with the Centre to provide solutions to technical issues, apply for patents and keep the rights of those involved. In establishing these support areas the Centre hopes to encourage self-employment and set examples for young Technologists and Scientists to follow the entrepreneurial spirit while having proper guidance.

Promoting the research necessary to encourage projects and consultants to participate so that design and development are respected and given the needed support to succeed. The lbskerala,com site provides a plethora of information that can be invaluable in education, research and expert guidance. Seek the ones that know and utilize the abundance of minds that are brought together to better the world.


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