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The website www.msn.com as the title might imply is a Microsoft website. The home page of this website features several links of interest within the site. Www.msn.com offers search options that lead visitors to news, entertainment and sports information. The site is super easy to navigate--even the internet novice will find it to be very user friendly.News ranges from local to world news. The NBC Nightly news and the Today Show can also be accessed on the site. Both local and global weather information is available at the click of a mouse. Political junkies can follow the actions of their candidates and others in the political arena through an online version of Newsweek and other popular news media. WWW.msn.com is a portal of entry to the Newsweek Education Site can be accessed through www.msn.com and features everything an aspiring college student needs to know about applying to and paying for college.

Those who enjoy celebrity news and trends can click into the lives of their favorite actors, singers and other celebs. Entertainment news features juicy tidbits about all types of celebrities including favorite reality show personalities. Get the latest updates on reality shows and watch full episodes of selected television shows. Financial mavens can access numerous resources on the stock markets including up to date information on investment opportunities and the latest on real estate trends. Job seekers can link to information on careers.

Site users who need an email address can sign up for a free hot mail account. The Bing search engine also helps those looking for information on any subject to link to thousands of resources quickly. Visitors to the site can expect to find advertising on the www.msn.com site. Bargains abound, with links to clothing retailers with everything from designer shoes to shampoo. WWW.msn.com makes it easy to keep up with areas of interest whether on the job, on the road or at home. It is easy to link to www.msn.com from a computer or smart phone. This site is worth a visit and those who try it will add it to their list of favorite bookmarks.


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