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A visit to www.bet.com, the web presence for the Black Entertainment Network, will certainly impress those that have not previously visited the site. As you would expect, the site focuses on the African American entertainment community. From the world of music, movies and television to sports and news from around America, bet.com is a fun and also, comprehensive website.

The Black Entertainment Network was started as an entrepreneurial effort back in 1980 by founder and current President Robert L. Johnson. Based in Washington D.C., the network has several music programs that play mainstream rap and show R&B music videos. They fill some of their air time with relatively recent as well as classic black tv comedy shows like "Good Times" and "The Jeffersons". Movies set in tough, urban neighborhoods are a popular genre on the network. A classic like "Shaft" is likely to be playing at any time.

The Black Entertainment Network, while focused primarily on the African American community, does not exclude people from other races and backgrounds. Much of their website, www.bet.com offers content that is of interest to all sorts of people. There is a game section where you can play online action, sports and puzzle games. There are numerous blogs where you can interact and discuss issues that interest you. Of course, music, acting, dance and sports have sections devoted specifically to them. Check the news locally, nationally and around the world. Enter contests and have fun exploring the site.

On June 27, 2010, BET will celebrate their 10 year anniversary of the BET Awards show which honors the achievements of the African American community in the fields of music, acting and sports. Be sure to tune in!


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