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Visitors to www.ask.com will find a powerful but somewhat neglected search engine. A stark white background and a search bar take up the majority of monitor real estate, but there are also regularly updated lists of frequent questions being via the search engine and hot news updates. Obviously taking a cue from Google's success, searches at ask.com will turn up a number of clearly labeled sponsored results in addition to organic returns. Along the top of ask.com readers will find separate search topics for local info, news, sales and special deals and other highly focused topics. Users can navigate these menus to customize their experience and make sure their searches are tailored to their specific needs. Not surprisingly, the meat of the site's content is through the primary search engine. The results it turns up are highly relevant, but those used to using Google or Yahoo will find it less pleasing to the eye and less user friendly.

An interesting feature www.ask.com houses is their videos section. Although not significantly different from competitor Google Videos, it has some eye catching design and a fun to use interface. Quick to pick up most recent submissions from major sites, there's a laudable amount of content available from ask.com's video search engine. Although it fails to live up to the standards set by megacomany Google, ask.com is a pleasant and inoffensive search engine with a few neat toys for web surfers to play around with. If you're looking for a change from the usual search engine, ask.com is worth a try.


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