www.AmericanExpress.com shows the rewards catalog for shopping


AmericanExpress.com is the homepage for the American Express credit card company and serves as a resource for current cardholders and also provides information for individuals interested in applying for a credit card. From the American Express homepage, www.americanexpress.com, users have the choice to learn more about the different credit cards offered by the company, like personal or corporate cards, as well as special offers to owners of small businesses and recipients of frequent flyer miles. The website also advertises promotional offers to current cardholders, like contests and exclusive deals, as well as links to the company’s pages on a variety of social networking websites. A search feature at the top of the screen makes finding specific information easier for users to locate. Potential customers can learn about the different terms and conditions each credit card offers, view the benefits of becoming a cardholder, and use a feature that helps people decide which credit card is best suited for them. New credit cards can also be activated from a homepage link.

American Express cardholders who have access to online account management can securely log-in from the homepage, allowing the user to view credit card statements and make payments directly from the site. There is also a link on the homepage that takes merchants who accept American Express cards to a separate online account management log-in screen. In addition to credit card information, the homepage includes links that help individuals plan and finance vacations or business travel. From the website, users can purchase gift cards, make arrangements for international traveler’s cheques, view vacation ideas, and purchases discounted airfare and rental car packages.


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