www.bing.com with maps and travel informations

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Microsoft's entry into the field of online search engines, www.bing.com, is a well-designed tool to bring the contents of the internet quickly and easily to one's fingertips. Bing offers traditional word searches, but it is also packed with additional features that make it well worth exploring.  Landing on the bing.com home page, the explorer will find specialized search buttons lined upon along the left-hand side, letting the searcher specify "images, videos, shopping, news, maps, travel." These are in addition to the more traditional "type it in" search bar. When results appear, it is easy to preview them through Bing's preview function, rather than having to go directly to the search result site. Microsoft is also featuring a new form of visual searches - for example, click on an image labeled "yoga poses" and instantly dozens of pictures of yoga poses appear.

One of Bing's key attractions is its cash back program. Dozens of stores and retailers offer significant discounts in partnership with Bing. These discounts are not mere pennies but can climb as high as 35%. In addition, the site has spectacular maps, which offer panoramic views of locations everywhere. That special treatment is especially impressive for viewing venues like the World Cup soccer match sites in Africa.

Bing's primary focus is on providing basic information very quickly and on allowing new, unique forms of searching. Those characteristics set it apart from Google and others. New capacities and new features will continue to be added and the www.bing.com will continue to grow in popularity. Bing's ease of use and innovations have already made it many users' favorite.


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