www.BankofAmerica.com with online banking sign in


Bank of America's online address is www.bankofamerica.com. The site is user-friendly and allows customers to perform a wide variety of tasks, many of which they can do online rather than driving to one of Bank of America's banking centers. For customers, the site offers 24/7 access to their accounts with Bank of America. The customer must create a username and password in order to sign on to the secure areas of the site. Once their account has been set up, the customer is able to view all transactions on their accounts. They can check the deposits, withdrawals, and checks posted to their account. The website contains information about all checking, savings, and credit card accounts issued to the customer by Bank of America.

The customer is also able to perform transactions online. For example, if they would like to transfer funds between accounts, they would select the tab marked “Transfers” from their online banking home page. Once selected, the customer would choose which accounts to transfer money to and from. This feature also enables customers to transfer money to accounts outside of Bank of America. BankofAmerica.com allows customers to open accounts, order checks, search for bank locations, pay bills, and view loan and mortgage plans online.

Bank of America makes it easy for customers to contact them if they have questions. From the home page, a customer may click on the "Contact Us" tab in order to view the bank's customer service phone number and customer service e-mail address. Also, customers have the option to chat live with an online representative.


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