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When looking into email providers there are a few to choose from. www.Hotmail.com is one of the most popular email extensions. Hotmail provides the user with a free email account and instant access to all incoming and outgoing mail. This service can be used for commercial or personal use. More people then ever are now using email. Even the people that do not have regular computer access, have an email account. Usually they just check the account when they can. Many people go to the local public library to use the internet services if they do not have a computer and or internet services at home.

At www.Hotmail.com you can set up a free email account and begin communicating through the web right away. Hotmail or Live (Both owned by Microsoft) are great for companies because of the professional features they offer. Business owners can set up a professional email signature that automatically attaches to the bottom of every email sent. When sending an email more then once there is a Draft feature that allows the user to save emails and forward them at a later date. Through Hotmail the user can send 1 email to up to 50 recipients at once. This saves time and is much less work then sending all of those emails to the recipients individually.

The server is rarely down at Microsoft and is very fast. This helps Hotmail to continue to run at full capacity. There are no limitations with this email extension. With Hotmail emails do not take a long time to be received, like other email providers such as Yahoo. Send and receive emails right away while saving those that are contacted often in the contacts section. This allows for a fast and easy emailing experience. If a client is emailed often you can save their information in the contacts and type just the first letter of their email address or name. Hotmail will populate a list of contacts that the user can choose from. This way the email address does not need to be typed in every time. One of many features that makes www.Hotmail.com a top pick for email providers.


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