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The online home of itv (UK channel 3), www.itv.com, includes includes extensive information on the network's programming and schedule. The site's front page has navigation to various pages pertaining to the network including pages for a programming guide, local, national, sporting, and weather news, shows, and a page for the itv player. The home page also includes banners, accompanied by short text descriptions or tag lines, highlighting the various shows available on the network. It also includes several highlighted shows and episodes available for viewing online via the site's itv player.

The most prominent feature on itv.com is the itv player. It is an online interface which allows one to view programming broadcast through the itv network channels. The layout of the player's home page is similar to that of many popular video sites and includes a few highlighted selections with pictures at the top. The rest of the page includes information such as which shows are most popular on the player, and information pertaining to the actual shows such as run time and broadcast date.

A comprehensive TV Guide of UK channels is available through the TV GUIDE link located on the www.itv.com home page. The interface includes hour-by-hour blocks to scroll through. Programming available through the itv player is highlighted and linked.

Searching through itv.com can be performed by use of a search bar which is present at the top of every page. The searches themselves yield a well constructed results page with titles accompanied by short descriptions. Searches from the itv player home and related pages yield results in the form of shows available for viewing through the player. These results include information on the number of episodes of a particular show which are available, the latest broadcast date of the show, the channel that it appears on, and relevant links (if any).


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