www.att.com - AT&T wireless customer service phone number


AT&T offers a variety of products and services, their website, www.att.com, offers many options for learning about, ordering, and managing accounts for these products and services. The welcome page at www.att.com has tabs for the company's personal, small business, and enterprise services. Clicking each of these tabs will take the reader to the corresponding section of the website. Also, visitors may click the "About AT&T" tab to read about the company.

Personal services available on the website include wireless phone, digital TV, internet/dsl, home phone, and bundles of those services. Potential customers can click through the tabs and options or simply click on the banner ads to learn more about new customer services. Existing customers can sign in to view bills, change account options, and contact customer service.

Small business services available on att.com include wireless phone, Internet, local and long-distance phone service, bundles, and additional services (which vary based on location). These customers can also log in to see and manage their accounts. A number of offers are also available to potential customers, and current customers may use the website to adjust their account options.

Enterprise customers include business, wholesale, and government accounts. Businesses can learn about networking and storage solutions, and browse a resources section. Wholesalers can access information about SONET service, Ethernet service, global networking capabilities, mobility solutions, and Networking Views magazine. This magazine is also available to government customers; these customers can also access IT professional services, networking services, and mobility solutions. Customers, both current and potential, can visit att.com for a variety of information and account management options.


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