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Brainpop is a popular subscription-based website useful for both students and educators. Over eight million monthly visitors to www.brainpop.com find a wide variety of animated, short-subject features on topics ranging from math and science, to art and social studies. Nearly 600 of these features have been produced so far, and many are supported with additional quizzes and printable worksheet to appeal to the educator. All information is based on state standards, and appropriate for students of all ages and backgrounds.

The main characters on Brainpop include a young man named Tim, and his bumbling robot sidekick Moby. The animation is not finely detailed, and skews more toward the quirky side of things. Students may or may not respond well to this type of presentation format. The information discussed, however, is always well-researched and relevant to the topic being presented.

Subscription rates for Brainpop range from $125 to $200 per year depending on usage and other factors. Free material is available on the site to preview beforehand, and parents, students and teachers can even sign up for a limited-time free trial of the site as well. However, the site does use the Macromedia Flash plug-in, which will not currently run on Apple-based devices such as the iPhone and iPad.

Different variations of the service have recently been introduced, including versions for K-3 students, non-native English speakers, and even a version in Spanish exists at the present time. The site itself is very easy to navigate for students, and yet provides rich data for educators. The people behind Brainpop have even gone as far as setting up a professional learning community which includes over 100,000 educators who are offered development opportunities and seminars hosted by the service.


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