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The website www.addictinggames.com is one of the greatest online gaming sites available on the internet today. This gaming site offers a wide variety of categories, difficulties, and lengths of games. This site can be a viable resource for the casual online gamer, the person who wants a quick distraction from work, and even the gamer who lives, eats, and breathes both on and offline gaming.

Once a gamer goes on to addictinggames.com, they are immediately able to see a selection of the newest games the site has to offer. A picture and short description of each of these games is shown in the middle of the website's main page. By scrolling down the main page, the top games can be viewed. The top games section is broken down into the most played games of the last week, last month, and of all time. When continuing down the page, each of the categories is displayed with six featured games and a link to more games in each respective category.

At the top of the main page, the various categories are listed and can be clicked on to reveal an entire page of content of that type of game. The categories of games available on addictinggames.com are action, sports, puzzle, shooting, arcade, strategy, adventure, life and style, and downloads.

Once a gamer locates a game that they would like to play, they merely have to click on the title of the game and they will be brought to a page where the game will begin to load. Once the game has loaded, it can be played and enjoyed. Addictinggames.com is a very user-friendly gaming site that is easy to navigate and a simple way to have fun.