www.BlockBuster.com with express codes & coupons, locations plus new releases and video store locater

Video Movies

The Blockbuster website offers a lot of different options to its guests including On Demand rentals, movie catalogs, store locations, and a store to purchase new and used movies and games. The home page of www.blockbuster.com is a portal to all of the company's services.

Across the top navigation bar are an easy to use list of options including the ability to rent or buy movies and games. There is also a store locator for customers to find a store closest to them along with an option for Blockbuster's On Demand service. This was created in response to the success of Netflix's rental system through the mailbox. The user can sign in and register with the company then create a queue list of their top choices to be delivered in the mail. There is also an option to rent the movie and download it directly to the user's computer for a limited time, bypassing the mail system or store entirely. Both On Demand services cost a monthly fee with varying price points depending on the amount of movies

The Blockbuster front page is mostly used as a movie rental release date list. It shows the most recently released movies, movies coming soon, and those in the theaters, which the user can watch trailers for in anticipation of their release on DVD. There is also a DVD spotlight section that highlights a movie or genre that is either a reflection of a recent big screen release or a genre that is popular in the culture at the time.

There is also a substantial section of www.blockbuster.com that shows the release dates and popular video games available to rent in-store. Blockbuster has a game pass that offers unlimited game rentals for a monthly fee.


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