www.Chase.com the bank with locations in NYC, California, Florida, Chicago, Texas, Michigan, Colorado and Houston

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The web address for Chase Manhattan bank is www.chase.com. The website allows customers to manage their accounts online. Information concerning checking accounts, savings accounts, a variety of loans, and credit card accounts is listed on the website.

From the homepage at chase.com, users are able to get information on a variety of different products offered by the bank. There are subheadings marked "Personal Banking", "Business", "Personal Lending" and "Retirement and Investing". These headings allow customers to choose which area of the bank they would like to learn more about. If a person wants to check out Chase's products for retirement services, then the customer would choose "Retirement and Investing". Once chosen, this tab will display information on annuities, insurance, and any other retirement products that the bank offers.

Chase also offers a variety of personal loans. Customers may view loan options by clicking the headings beneath the "Personal Lending" section of the home page. The site also receives loan applications online.

Chase customers must log on to their personal or business accounts using their username and password. Once logged on to their account, the customer is able make changes to their account(s) online. For example, if a customer has moved, then they should select the option to change their address and phone number. The customer would need to type in their new contact information and save it on the website. The customer also has the option to pay bills online using their Chase accounts. Chase credit card bills may be paid online as well.


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