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In America, one of the most common internet homepage is yahoo.com. It should come as no surprise in New Zealand www.yahoo.co.nz has been rated as the number one homepage. On this site you will find a plethora of services ranging form email to dating. The site, yahoo.co.nz allows the reader to find the latest news headlines. The site also provides the opportunity to read and respond to email on a secure site.

If you have a question, on any topic, you can use the search box to search the web or you can use the toolbar to the left of the page to click on answer and find the answer to the question being asked. As you scroll to the bottom of the page, you will find advertisements for travel and job opportunities, as well as a TV guide for the most popular shows, being shown that day and their times. On the left of the page, you will find a toolbar with the following options: answers, business, dating, entertainment, events, Flickr, food, horoscopes, jobs, lifestyle, messenger, movies, music, news, real estate, rugby, sport, toolbar, travel, tv guide, video, weather, Y!X plus.

These links will take you directly to another spot on the same page or it will take you to another site that is related to the topic. The toolbar at the top of the page, provides the opportunity to make yahoo.co.nz the homepage. It also provides a shortcut to email and photos. For those who may have difficulty navigating the site, may choose to use the Security, Member Center and Help options located on the top tool bar. For those who enjoy sharing opinions, www.yahoo.co.nz provides daily polls to partake in.


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