www.CoolMath.com with games for kids like boombot, crazy taxi, meeblings or parking mania

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Coolmath.com is an appealing interactive site for those who hate math; it is also an appealing interactive site for those who love math. The site is designed for students, parents and teachers, with information in a myriad of topics about math at all levels. The vibrant colors, beautiful photographs and engaging text presented in www.Coolmath.com draw in those who have an aversion to math, compel them to explore what is on the site, learn while they do it and enjoy it as well. For those who already like math, the depth of information allows further exploration of the subject.

The site menu is in easy-to-read, brightly colored subject buttons. Each subject button brings the user to a new content page with lessons, motivational text, links for teachers and links back to the other topics and main page. The user never gets lost in the subsets of the site. All the mathematics subjects are covered, from addition, subtraction, division and multiplication, to complex mathematics including calculus and the math of fractals. Online graphing and scientific calculators are provided, with instructions on how to operate them.

Related subjects include Finance Freak, a guide to money, banking, credit and investing; a separate site map outlines the main topics and subsets, providing easy navigation through the lessons and text. The puzzles and games page includes jigsaw and logic puzzles, reading and spelling games and printable coloring pages that range from simple to complex. Easy pages present a number, the number written as a word and represented by the corresponding number of objects. Complex pages include tessellations, geometric shapes and whirligigs. The site is supported by responsible advertising and does not take the user to links outside the www.Coolmath.com domain.


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