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There are many sites on the internet that have become household names. One such site is Many people look at this site as an alternative to auction-related sites. This is because you don’t need to use a credit card, maintain a profile, or keep track of your account. Craigslist is also different in the sense that it’s easier to use and less invasive in regards to privacy. People use to find items, sell items, find activity partners, as well as for dating and friendship building. is available on several continents and in dozens of countries. However, it is used most in the United States. All 50 states are listed on the front page. From there, a visitor selects the state they live in. That will bring them to a list of cities in alphabetical order. Not all cities will be listed. In most cases, the visitor will select the city nearest them.

When someone is interested in buying, selling, or trading items through, it’s highly recommended that they only deal locally. This is a good way to avoid scams. While meeting in person and dealing with cash only is good to protect from fraud, people are advised to be wise in their decision making. For instance, it’s always best to meet in a public place – like a mall – during the daytime.

Another minor drawback for some people is that if they run a small business that offers a service and they don’t live near any of the listed cities, they are breaking the rules if they post an ad on Many people find loopholes around this rule, which can be beneficial to those needing a service. If dealing with a service provider online through, be sure not to give out credit card numbers. There are other cash transfer sites available.

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