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For Internet surfers who want to locate information about what is currently happening in the world of Disney, www.disney.go.com is the place to start. This website offers links to literally everything involved with the Disney corporation.
Disney.go.com details information about various types of Disney media, including movies, television shows, books, games, and music. For instance, on the website's 'Television' page, kids can watch clips of their favorite Disney TV shows, read profiles about the show's stars, and play games that are based on the shows. Kids can also play games and learn about upcoming motion pictures on the 'Movies' page. On the 'Music' page, one can browse through all the albums Disney has produced in recent years, and listen to clips of the albums' songs. The 'Books' page is geared more towards parents, offering synopses of Disney books and the ability to choose appropriate books for their children based on age range.

The www.disney.go.com website additionally offers information about the Disney theme parks. For families that are looking to plan a Disney vacation, the 'Parks and Travel' page offers all the information that one needs to know. The page contains information about each of Disney's resorts and other vacation attractions, such as their cruise line or 'Adventures by Disney,' which are worldwide travel programs run by Disney. On this page, families can find discounts on special packages that include theme park tickets, a hotel stay, food, and more. One can also view current details about each resort, such as the parks' opening and closing times, parking fees, and more.

Disney.go.com offers an abundance of information about everything concerning Disney. This website is a useful tool for planning vacations, entertaining kids, or simply for learning more about the Disney company.


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