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The Direct Loan Servicing website (www.dl.ed.gov) allows those with federal students loans to pay them online quickly and easily. The site offers loan consolidations, where two or more federal loans can be combined to create a new loan with one low monthly payment. Those who receive statements in the mail can switch to online paperless billing. There is also the ability to click a link and translate the webpages into Spanish. The site has three main areas: Your Account, Question Center and Forms.

The "Your Account" area offers information about a loan, such as account balance, payment history and billing options. Payments can be made online for free for up to six months in advance. There is the option to enroll in automatic monthly payments and lower a loan's interest rate.

The "Question Center" area has a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) relating to the website. It has answers to questions regarding the use of a PIN, security and the type of information available on the site. There are also questions and answers about forms, such as how to download, print and save them. Information about web browsers is available, such as having the correct browser and settings and optimizing the screen.

The "Forms" area of Dl.ed.gov offers a list of deferment forms that can be viewed and downloaded, as long as the computer has Acrobat Reader installed. Deferment forms are forms that need to be completed if a loan payer needs to temporarily postpone repayment for a valid reason. Deferment is valid for many reasons, including economic hardship, military or Peace Corps deployment, unemployment, economic hardship, temporary diasbility, maternity leave or becoming a full-time working mother. There are also loan consolidation forms, grant forms and a variety of others.


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