www.Dictionary.com has a translator Spanish to English, English to French, English to Arabic and English to Chinese.

Language Learning

Entertaining, educational, interactive games, blogs and resources revolving around words is what www.dictionary.com is all about. Studies have shown that people are healthier, more active and alert when their brains are stimulated. This web site has enough variety to keep individuals busy for hours with creative ways to learn and have fun.

Anagrams and interactive timed “Daily Crossword Puzzles” are challenging. ”Word of the Day” offers definitions of unusual words that can be emailed directly to a computer or mobile device such as an iPhone, Android or Blackberry. Dictionary.com’s extensive dictionaries are on such diverse subjects as medicine, law, culture, and idioms. Literary and grammar terms and commonly confused words are explained. Another informative feature is “Word Explorer”. This quick sound bite delivered by Podcast, covers word origins, definitions and usage. Word games like fast-paced “Word Machine” or “Miss Spell’s Class,” where speed and accuracy count, can become habit-forming. Learning to spell correctly is more enjoyable through games and can improve written correspondence on many levels.

“Quotes” lists thousands of quotes from Samuel Beckett to Virginia Woolf as well as subject matter quotes on love, music, children, fear and more. “Thesaurus” gives information on synonyms, how to use them and when they are most effective. Type in any sentence or word under “Translator Tab” on www.dictionary.com and the “Full Text Translator” translates into any one of 52 languages. This invaluable feature can help when preparing for a trip to a foreign country. In addition to this, Dictionary.com also offers information on travel deals, discounts on hotels, airfare and travel packages.

Dictionary.com can be followed on Facebook and Twitter. Members can enjoy additional features such as banner-free browsing, “The Dictionary Forum” and premium word games.


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