www.Rogers.com with new video releases this week, games & DVD

Wireless Telephone

Rogers is a company that provides four different types of services. Customers who visit www.rogers.com have the option of purchasing wireless services, telephone services, television services or high speed internet services all four or any combination they choose. Finding out more about each type of service is as easy as scrolling down to the bottom of the home page and clicking on the link to each one of the listed plans. They can also click on these links at the top of the home page.

For example, the link at the top that takes patrons to the wireless services options shows them the accessories they sell on rogers.com. People can also click on a link from here to learn about the pay plans that the company contracts. Maybe customers are in search of mobile phone capabilities. They have a link for this service, too, at the top of the page where they learn about the many amenities such as voicemail. How much the company charges for its plans can be found under the packages and pricing tab.

Under the TV tab, customers may be pleasantly surprised to find that there are good deals to be made. For example, rogers.com offers its customers a new HD PVR if they switch from satellite and turn in their old satellite box. Patrons can also discover the packages that Rogers is offering to their customers. One such package right now is the Bollywood TV package for $29.99/month.

Rogers is not just a company which sells wireless services and products; it is also in the home monitoring business. Under the link “Home Monitoring”, customers will find a sign up form that gives Rogers’ employees the ability to contact them about home monitoring. They also have the option of contacting someone about any of the services offered by Rogers when they click on the “Support” tab.


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