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Yard sales and person to person selling have always been popular ideas that have been practiced for hundreds of years. When the internet came along, it revolutionized our ability to have this kind of person to person selling in the virtual world.

www.ebay.co.uk is the main website for selling things from one individual to another in the United Kingdom. Although this website does allow for businesses to sell items on the site as well, most of the users are individuals. These individuals could have any number of reasons for selling something on this website. Some people do it simply because they have grown tired of the item and would like to get some income from it. Others are simply in the market to buy items on the website and then resell them at a higher price. Finally, some others are interested in actually making a regular income from doing this online selling.

ebay.co.uk allows you to create a log in from which you will pick your screen name. With that screen name you can now buy or sell products on the site. Buying products tends to be easier because you simply enter the bid that you are willing to pay for an item and wait to see if you win the auction (assuming there is an auction format for that item). In some other cases you may be able to by the item outright.

Selling is a little more difficult on this site because you have to set up a way to put pictures of the item you are wanting to sell as well as write a description of the item. You set the price you are willing to sell it at and any other factors or conditions. This website is the main marketplace for this kind of buying and selling in the UK.


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