www.Yahoo.ca with mail sign in and login for mail

Mail News

Yahoo Canada offers many things to people who visit www.yahoo.ca. The websites specific to Yahoo can all be found in a column on the left side of the home page. One example is Mail. From the mail link, anyone who has an email account with Yahoo can sign in with their Yahoo ID and password. Yahoo sites are also located at the bottom of the home page. Down the middle of the page, visitors will find news stories. At the very top, these stories rotate between 24 different options to show people what has been going on recently in Canada and around the world. Beneath that, links to more stories under the tabs news, world, finance and sports only need people to click on them to be taken to their many options.

In the righthand column of yahoo.ca, visitors will see the stories that are trending at the moment. They place ten selections in this area of people’s names or descriptions of stories. Videos are popular and people like to search for them on the Internet. www.yahoo.ca does not disappoint because it offers what they consider to be the most interesting videos under their Video Picks section.

Businesses are welcome to advertise with yahoo.ca. As a matter of fact, underneath the trending section exists a rather large ad. For a business to have its ad be the next one that occupies that spot, they only need to scroll to the bottom of the page to the Yahoo! For Business section. Here they can inquire as to how they can advertise their businesses on the website. Underneath this section, people can find links to areas where they will learn more about Yahoo. One thing people may be looking for is information on jobs at Yahoo. This link is located in the About Yahoo! section. From here, people can also express their concerns or offer compliments to the website.


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