www.Fido.ca with phone plans and customer service number online

Phone Mobile

From competitions to handing out money to Fido customers, www.fido.ca has a lot to offer visitors. On the website, one can find a range of cell phones that one may fancy, such as iPhones and other smartphones; the website has them all. Fido.com also offers access to information on how customers can get a plan for unlimited calls. The site lays out monthly plans for subscribers so that they can find out per second billing, and monthly fees. Making calls and sending texts can be quite affordable as demonstrated by the various plans on the site.

Online billing services are offered on the site; this means that a customer can go online and activate their line for the online billing service. Applications for one's cell phone can easily be downloaded from the website in addition to other downloads, which are available on the site. There are thousands of phone applications that one can choose from so customers from the app library. Popular ringtones and games are available for download straight to your phone. The website gives customers access to inquiries that they may have about any of the services Fido offers. For instance, the site answers questions on how one can activate their online billing service, or questions on how to manage, view and print their bills.

Customers who wish to take a look at their account balance can do so when they visit the site. This is targets customers who have a budget for the amount of calls and texts they can make. The different airtime rates are also listed on the website, and how one can refill their account is also given too. If one were to travel out of Canada, Fido gives information about their extensive worldwide coverage services.


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